COVID: A Year in Review


March, 2021

Wow, can you believe it has been over a full year since the COVID pandemic started here in the U.S.? It is a little surreal to think about the time; so much has changed & so many lives forever impacted.

I did a full webinar on how we can use a functional medicine approach to move forward from the COVID pandemic. Here I wanted to share some of my thoughts & takeaways that can help YOU!

Takeaway #1: The Pandemic Experience is a CHOICE

All of life experiences are rooted in our perception and mindset. Our mind & body are intricately connected & affect one another. Our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes shape our actions and our reality! The good news is that we have a CHOICE in how we view last year & how we can move forward.

Some are focusing on:

        • Continuously watching mainstream news
        • Lockdown-no exposure to nature
        • Loss of job, loss of business
        • Stale toxic indoor air
        • Financial savings buffer depleted
        • Netflix, Youtube binging (conspiracy theory?)
        • Consuming processed foods, drinks
        • Higher alcohol intake

While others can view the same circumstances in this light…

        • Working from home in a flexible environment
        • More quality time with family, pets
        • Focused time in a pleasing comfortable home
        • More time outdoors: walking, biking, hiking
        • Time for homemade meals- involve the kids
        • NO commute time, more gratitude journaling
        • Rejuvenated relationships: laughing, sharing
        • Time for more self care: yoga, baths, weight lifting
Image of a woman exercising at home on a yoga mat


There is SO much we can do on a regular basis to help support our body and health. We just have to be aware of these opportunities, be creative and take advantage of what we have!

          • Clean fresh air- open the windows and air out your living/work space daily!
          • SLEEP- get plenty of good quality restful sleep to keep immune functions optimal
          • Activate the parasympathetic nervous system- deep breathing, TaiChi, yoga
          • Hydrate with water and electrolytes-keep mucus membranes moist
          • Consider lymphatic flow-GET UP AND MOVE!  JUMP!
          • Take Zinc, vitamin D, vitamin A, Omega 3 fatty acids
          • Avoid- NSAIDS, Ibuprofen (destroy gut lining), Tylenol (I recommend Glutathione), PPI’s (depletes nitric oxide which has potent antiviral activity)
          • Eat the rainbow- excellent sources of phytonutrients, polyphenols, & antioxidants


Being healthy does NOT need to be complicated. While it is not always “easy”, the steps to getting healthier can be quite simple.


Being healthy does NOT need to be complicated. While it is not always “easy”, the steps to getting healthier can be quite simple.

  • Maximize-What do you need for your best health?
      • “Nutrients” including: Vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, laughter and joy, oxygen, water, proteins, antioxidants, movement, sunshine
      • A positive mindset & belief that what you are choosing to do is effective and safe
  • Minimize-Take out what is harmful!
      • Allergens, toxins, infections, trauma, stress
      • Limiting beliefs, fear, negative self talk
  • Prioritize- When given the right tools & a healing environment, your body will thrive from the inside out!
      • Sleep, rest, movement, exercise, stress reduction techniques
      • Healthy nutritious foods
      • Meaningful relationships
      • Positive visualizations and mindset


The unpopular truth: Viruses are here- and there will be more to come, way after COVID.

Instead of focusing on how we can get rid of the viruses…How about making the focus on creating RESILIENT health and vitality in our populations so that physiology is capable in the face of health challenges?

How about looking at viruses as opportunities to challenge our fitness for survival instead of something to be feared, or wiped out?

Let’s use this to create health which naturally repels disease–the best offense is really a good defense.

That’s what viruses do- they spread.

Having people be terrified of the spread of a virus is like trying to stop the rain.  You can protect yourself from the rain- you can use an umbrella, you can duck under shelter, go inside…but learning to dance despite the rain, learning to be resilient in the rain is where my efforts are focused so that we can stop fearing the spread and instead focus our attention on how to build our health so that we survive this virus and the next one and the next one.

We cannot continue to isolate our children & decimate our economy by closing businesses every time a new virus pops up. It’s not sustainable to produce a vaccine for every novel virus.

We need a different approach!

Takeaway #5: There are Uncertainties and Trade-offs

There are risks and different outcomes with EVERY DECISION we make in life.

The risk of a new vaccine vs a new virus?

The risk of continuing to wear a mask vs not?

The risk of opening up society vs continuing lockdown?

The risk of infectious illness vs loneliness & isolation?

The risk of not distancing vs not having physical touch & social contact?

The risk of a safer life vs a more unsatisfying one?

There is no single right answer-only what is best for each individual and their personal unique situation.

I believe…

Health is not the absence of a diagnosis

Health is not the absence of an infection or the absence of an illness

Create health that naturally repels disease

Create health that is vitality in the face of a challenge- viral or otherwise

There is no single solution that works and makes sense for everyone. However, we should ALL be focusing on creating better health NOW and equip our mind and body to live life better now AND for future vitality!