Eat, Move, Think for Optimal Health


January, 2022

Resolutions Vs. Goals?

Keeping up with your health resolutions can be challenging. Many start the new year off strong, only for the plan to fall to the wayside after a couple of weeks or months.

Why does this happen? Most of us set resolutions that are unrealistic and/or they try to change too much at once. Many resolutions aren’t practical or personalized either (for instance, most fad diets).

Maybe setting resolutions isn’t actually the best plan…so what do you do instead?!

Trying shifting your mindset to creating Goals and  Intentions. Resolutions tend to focus on a negative, black or white thinking or restriction. Goals and Intentions focus on positive behavior change & positive additions to your life.


Resolution: I will cut out all junk & processed foods

Goal: I will incorporate more color and whole, real foods into my daily diet

Image of a woman exercising at home on a yoga mat

If you start to focus on what you can start doing rather than stop, you will be in a better mental state & more likely to continue the positive behavior.

If you start to focus on what you can start doing rather than stop, you will be in a better mental state & more likely to continue the positive behavior.

The more positive habits you do, you will have less time, temptation and means to the unhealthy habit. The more vegetables and water you start to consume in your diet, the more satisfied you will be and less likely to drink soda, buy junk food etc.!

I think we all agree that the whole point of a Resolution or Goal is to improve your life to make a happier and healthier you.

So you must ask yourself: What does Health and Happiness look like to YOU?

WHY is my health & happiness important to me?

Recognizing the intrinsic (internal/personal) motivators as well as the extrinsic (external/social) motivators are keys to success. When you know your reason WHY behind a goal, you will be more motivated & accountable to sustain any changes.

Image of a woman exercising at home on a yoga mat

Eat Move & Think: The Foundation

Everyone can benefit from a healthy diet, daily movement and positive thinking. Nutrition, Exercise and a Healthy Mind are “requirements” for good health!

1. Eat Better

There are so many different “eating styles, diets” etc, so what is the “best” and healthiest way to eat? There is no one right way! The best nutrition plan is one that is: personalized, realistic, sustainable and enjoyable. We all have different lifestyles, genetics, health needs and goals. We should eat accordingly to all of these factors!

Whatever you choose to consume, aim for the “cleanest” choice possible. What does this mean? Food, drinks, condiments free of: artificial ingredients, flavors & dyes, hydrogenated & processed fats & oils, GMO (genetically modified, found in the majority of packaged & processed foods) pesticides, chemicals, etc.

Keep it simple and be disciplined! Throw out all junk food. Cut simple sugars and refined carbs and replace them with complex carbs such as root veggies or whole grains. Your meals should all contain a dose of quality protein, vegetables and healthy fats. Plan and cook meals in advance; many people do “batch cooking” on the weekends. 


2. Move Better

Sedentary lifestyles is literally killing us. Sitting is now considered the “New Smoking”. Physical Activity is any bodily movement done throughout the day. Exercise is structured and repetitive movement, higher in intensity, that improves physical fitness. Both are necessary for a healthy you!

Get Started: Create a schedule and put it on your calendar. Make it the highlight of your day and find what you like. There are so many different ways to move!! Exercise is a great kick start to lose weight too! It improves cognitive function, lowers & manages blood pressure, increases energy, digestion, detoxification, reduces stress, improves body composition and so much more.

3. Think Better

Keep your mind right. By eating better and moving better, you will already be starting to think better. Studies have shown those individuals with a chronic health condition (ie cancer) who kept a positive mindset & attitude healed faster & better than those who didn’t.

Positive thinking and your mental health directly affects your physical health! Those who lowered and managed their mental/emotional stress experienced better recovery, sleep, improved energy, weight loss and more. Gratitude practice, journaling, mindfulness, meditation, visualization and deep breathing are great ways to manage stress. Laughter, doing hobbies and social connection also decreases stress.

Don’t get down on yourself when you hit a road block, but use obstacles and set-backs a learning tool. Why was this a challenge, and how can you be better next time? Because…things WILL happen! Perfection is unattainable and life will throw us curve balls. But you can do your best to be prepared when they do happen.

Set your Top 3 Goals or Resolutions

Get Started

Set your Top 3 Goals or Resolutions

Write out your reason WHY and a Timeline of when you want to accomplish these.

Decide on 1 step you make for each category of your Health (Nutrition, Movement & Mindset)

Looking for personalized accountability and support? I can help!

I can work with you to set your goals, timeline and what that first step will be to get started. I  can then create a personalized functional medicine health plan, that will help address any root cause health issues and then a realistic plan that will help you achieve your best self!

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