Our Best Tips to Creating a Healthy, Balanced Holiday Season


November, 2023

The holidays are RIGHT around the corner and we’ve got a “Holiday Game Plan” to help you stay consistent with your health routine, feel STRONG, CONFIDENT, while still having FUN!

Being prepared ahead of time can help you (and your loved ones) avoid stress, anxiety, mishaps and frustration. But it IS possible to actually enjoy the holiday season AND maintain a health routine!

It all comes down to being INTENTIONAL with how you spend your time over the next several weeks.

The top three things to remember are:

  1. Have a realistic mindset and set appropriate expectations for yourself (given your circumstances)
  2. Create a tangible plan that allows for your “non-negotiable” healthy habits AND flexibility
  3. Take action: decide each on what tools, resources and accountability measures you need in order to succeed

In Functional Medicine we believe and honor that health is about how you feel, function and look; all parts of your health matter!

So here is what we have as your HEALTHY HOLIDAY CHECKLIST:

walls covered in mold
  1. Nourishing Foods
  2. Mindful Movement
  3. Balanced Routine
  4. Prioritizing Self Care
  5. Healthy Mindset & Attitude


  1. Pick Nourishing Food. Organize your day-to-day meals and plan ahead! What you eat has a powerful effect on how you feel – from your mood to your energy … and it even plays a role in your immune system and sleep.

When it comes to your holiday meal traditions, don’t be afraid to try new recipes and healthy substitutions for ingredients.

When you are out at parties or events, focus on filling your plate with foods you normally would have (protein, veggies, lots of water). If you choose to indulge, focus on one or two items and set a boundary of how many/portions. This way you can still enjoy special seasonal favorites without hindering your health long term.

  1. Just MOVE! Keep your energy up and immune system healthy by exercising at least 30 minutes most days of the week. This can be as simple as going for a brisk walk, but don’t forget about strength training, circuits, classes etc!

This is SO good for your mood, overall energy, boosting your immune system and not to mention being a great stress reliever!

Schedule it into your week: It might not be as long or frequent as you would like, but even 15 minutes here & there make a difference. Mark it into your calendar so it doesn’t get overlooked. (Hint, we love morning workouts, so that way it is done and the day doesn’t get ahead of us!)

  1. Stay on a Routine. This is for your own peace of mind, so you can avoid last-minute stress and stay on top of your healthy habits.

What are some of your Non-Negotiables when it comes to your health?

It could include water intake, step goal, sleep, having weekly food prepping etc.

Plan out your workout sessions, when you will do shopping & cooking, and what meals you’ll have as well. And don’t forget about down time and sleep!

Quick tip: Come up with some creative activities ahead of time in case your original plan falls through. Maybe that is a home workout, walk around the block, or a meal from the freezer?

  1. Prioritize Self-Care. If you do find yourself feeling down about how this year is different, take some time to acknowledge those feelings. And then do something to take control and lift your mood.

Get some exercise, send a card in the mail to a friend, take a hot bath, read a book, hop on a video chat with a family member, bake something healthy for a neighbor, etc. What will you do to fill your cup each day? You’ve got plenty of options – the key is just to have a plan, so you don’t have to wing it!

  1. Have a Healthy Mindset. Avoid an all or nothing mentality and trying to be “perfect”. You know you’ve tried that before and it doesn’t work! Especially this year, give yourself grace and compassion. Change your view of what success means this holiday season. You can still be healthy (and happy!) even if things don’t always go as planned. Keep a positive, realistic attitude and you’ll feel better overall.

 We hope these tips are helpful – again, the key is to go in with an intentional yet realistic plan – this is your lifestyle, and the holiday season doesn’t need to completely derail you from it!

 I’m here to help.

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