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We love recommending amazing products to our clients so they can live their healthiest and happiest life. 

PureHaven: Clean Personal Care Products

PureHaven is a green cosmetic brand that guarantees of all their products are 100% free of toxins.

What Kerry Has To Say About Pure Haven

I started using Pure Haven products a while back. I had begun changing all of my personal care products out with clean toxic free brands and Pure Haven was recommended to me by a friend.  I love their shampoo & conditioner and their moisturizer!  

Knowing that there are no endocrine disrupting chemicals and toxins is important as I have both of my daughters using the products.  All organic ingredients is another plus!    

Real Mushroom

Real Mushroom is a family owned business providing high quality medicinal mushroom extracts in their purest form, without any carriers or grain fillers. 

What Kerry Has To Say About Real Mushroom


I started drinking medicinal mushrooms about 4 years ago.  When I was introduced to the concept of mushrooms, it seemed far-out.  I did not really understand the power of these tiny spore like forrest growing fungi.  Now, Im addicted!!!

There was a point in my life when my girls were younger that I got every single cold that they brought home.   I could not figure out why I was ALWAYS sick.  Now, looking back, I completely understand.  You know the saying- “Hind sight is 20/20” type of thing….
I was run down, constantly going and doing for everyone else and not prioritizing myself.  You can not give from a cup that is almost empty.
It was around this time that I found functional medicine and I dove in head first.  I finally resurfaced 4 years later with a growing practice that I love!
Mushrooms are knows as adaptogens.  They help your body adapt to stress.  There are different types of mushrooms that have specific jobs and there are blends of mushrooms.

Currently I am taking the 5 Defenders blend by Real Mushrooms.  I use a teaspoon in my tea every morning and know that I am fully supported throughout the day!  The taste is something you will need to adjust to, but in all seriousness, I can NOT drink my tea without my mushrooms.  I have grown to LOVE the earthy rich flavor that this product provides!  I even take it with me when I travel—didn’t I say Im addicted?!?

I rarely get the sniffles now.  This is due to a handful of reasons:  my girls are older and not sharing germs with everyone they see on a daily basis, I have prioritized myself and give my body what it needs so my cup is almost full instead of almost empty, I eat whole natural foods that supply my body with the nutrients it needs to function optimally, etc.

Let me know if you are interested in learning more about these amazing fungi!  I would love to speak with you about why I chose Real Mushrooms as my company of choice!

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