Summer Wellness Tips and Travel Checklist


June, 2021

Summer events and traveling is very fun, but can be rough to stay consistent with healthy habits and routine! I hear this all the time: “I want to relax, enjoy and not deprive myself, but also don’t want to not throw away all my healthy habits and hard work I’ve been putting in!”

The million dollar question everyone has: “How do I find that “balance”, and then what do I do, to get back on track, once it’s over?”

The answer is…there is no one size fits all. Balance is different for everyone…and it might even change for YOU each time.

However, are 3 things that can help: The right mindset, travel non-negotiables, and a plan post-travel.

1. Having an all or nothing mentality is the worst thing you can do when traveling; I go into each trip/event with a plan & boundaries (how many meals out/drinks per day etc) so I plan for indulgences without going overboard.
2. Creating Non-Negotiables is crucial; Mine include my morning routine (water, exercise, stretching, prayer, coffee, supplements) hitting my step goal each day, & choosing veggies & protein at each meal.
3. Your Post Travel Plan: Instead of doing extremes, I recommend focusing on the basics: hydration, movement, sleep, high quality nutrient dense foods and no guilt!
Image of a woman exercising at home on a yoga mat

Healthy Eating Tips

Find what’s appropriate to you: Are you eating out 1x day, week, month? How often is a reasonable amount given your lifestyle and goals? I personally recommend working towards no more than 2x week. Consider that the more you prepare your own food, the more control & success you will have.

The Secret to Social Eating: Mindfulness. Practice tuning into your hunger to fullness cues and being aware of peer pressure and “obligation eating. The more mindful you are, the more likely you will make health-focused decisions. Eat when you’re truly hungry!

Be focused on portions: Split items, start with small amounts, or save for leftovers. Indulging doesn’t have to mean gorging.

Plan out your plate like you normally would at home. Sticking with your “go tos” are sure to keep your body, energy and digestion happy.

Do Research: Look up restaurants and menus nearby so you know find healthy options, and then modify where you can by asking about different ingredients and substitutions.

Be Picky. Choose your favorites to indulge in and enjoy it!

Pack a cooler or bring non-perishable snacks, like protein powder, protein bars, nuts and seeds, fruit, jerky, homemade muffins or energy bites, etc.

Request a fridge and/or microwave in your hotel room. BONUS would be finding a hotel that has a kitchenette!

Pack all of your supplements, and don’t forget your travel water bottle!

What about Alcohol?

Best Choices: Wine, light beer, liquor with soda or water & citrus or fruit

Worst Choices: Flavored mixers like soda, juices, pre made cocktail mixers, fruity or blended drinks like pina coladas, daquiris, margaritas etc.

Find what’s appropriate to you.

Image of a woman exercising at home on a yoga mat

Exercise & Movement Tips

Bring light resistance bands and utilize bodyweight exercises wherever you are.

Get creative: Where can you explore in your location that also gets you active? Are there any new activities, like kayaking, biking, hiking, riding etc. that you can try?

Research local gyms in the area or find a hotel that has a fitness center.

Aim for a daily step goal!

Set a minimum of movement/exercise time per day; I suggest first thing in the morning, that way it is done & you can make sure you don’t skip it later. Maybe you can’t get a full workout in like at home, but even 20-30 minutes is great!

Make to sure to get up as often as you can during plane or car rides. Do some light stretching to keep blood flow and circulation.

It’s okay to take time to be alone; go for a walk, journal, pray etc. so you can recharge & enjoy the trip.

Other Lifestyle Tips

Try to go to sleep and wake up around the same times every day.

It’s okay to take time to be alone; go for a walk, journal, pray etc. so you can recharge & enjoy the trip.

Practice simple stress management techniques, like deep breathing, to manage anxiety and emotions.

Communicate with who you’re traveling with about your health goals/non-negotiables, so they can be aware and hopefully support you.

Some Tips Post-Travel

Increase water intake

Grocery shop order/restock & set aside time for food prep for the week

Eliminating inflammatory foods like vegetable oils, gluten, dairy, sugars

Intuitively Intermittent fasting

Hitting your daily movement and step goal

Scheduling in workouts

Some Other Things to Consider:

Homemade green juices or greens powder (but not in replacement of actual meals) to support detoxification

Exercise, emphasis on both cardio & full body strength movements

Sauna, Dry Brushing for lymphatic flow

Get back to your normal wake/sleep times

Targeted Supplementation

Key Takeaway: Be mindful and make balanced decisions during the summer and any travel, and focus on healthy habits versus extremes once you get back!