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“I first reached out to Whisper Health seeking support and guidance for healing the chronic inflammation occurring in my body. Along with a team of doctors, it was Dr. Jenkins who first discovered that the underlying root cause for my chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) was mycotoxins found in my blood from a prior mold exposure. Dr. Jenkins has been a tremendous support and resource throughout this entire process. She also supported me through resolving a toxic thyroid nodule that I had developed (most likely also the result of the mycotoxins).

Dr. Jenkins is informative, organized, available, proactive, forward-thinking, and always makes me feel like a priority. These qualities in a healthcare provider are essential, especially when you are sick and not able to think clearly for yourself, having a strong professional advocate like Dr. Jenkins on your side is critical to a successful outcome.

I am still in the process of detoxing my system from the mycotoxins through a course of binders, IV treatments, supplementation, a healthy diet, and some environmental upgrades…but I am definitely making progress! I highly recommend Whisper Health if you are serious about getting your health back. “

Stephanie Stanton

“Before working with Kerry I thought I had a good overall perspective on my health objectives, but I didn’t realize how much help I needed organizing those thoughts and getting to a centralized goal and prioritizing my specific needs.  I feel so much more confident in how to control the everyday stresses that affect my overall state of being and how to stay on top of my goals to remain successful.  I have been able to get my health under control in a natural way, without drugs!

I absolutely recommend this program, its flexible, accommodating and specific to your needs.It truly is an amazing process from start to finish.”

Ellen Feldman

“I wanted to reach out and thank you. Just in the last couple months I’ve noticed how much better I feel.  My boys and I went to Halloween Horror Nights this weekend. It’s something we do together every year. I struggled in the past with my feet and legs killing me from all of the walking that we do.  Typically I come home and need to rest several days after. We did it this year and I had no pain! No needing to elevate my feet or take off my shoes to massage my feet/ legs. 

I am just amazed how much my quality of life has improved in such a short time. Thank you.”


-Tabatha Miller

“My wife and I have been receiving the support from Kerry and her team for a couple years. Her professionalism and expertise continues to help both of us experience better health and overall well being. I do and will continue to refer these services to those in need.”

Dr. Eric Nach

“Kerry, I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me this year. You’ve brought me back to the land of the living with your incredible knowledge & guidance. I am forever grateful to have you in my life!”

-E. Bassett

“I was going to many doctors with throat/ tonsil problems for 4 years and every time I was sent home with no real answer or they told me I was fine. Then I realized I needed more holistic care and I found Kerry. We worked together on making healthier choices on a daily basis that were actually easy to do. She is so professional and it shows that she loves what she does. The interaction with her was very accessible whenever I had a question and she is very knowledgeable.

I would definitely recommend her program to anyone that wants to achieve a healthy and happy life.”

-Inbal Berman

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