The 4 Hormone Systems Every Woman Should Know


June, 2024

Are you in a plateau, struggling to see results, or feeling out of sync with your body? Do you suspect some hormone issues or want to improve your body composition and weight?

The answer lies in optimizing your HORMONES.

When women think of hormones, most think of their reproductive ones, like estrogen. Yes, that is a very important hormone, but there are hundreds in the body, that all play a crucial role in how you look, feel and function.

Four Hormone Systems

Here the the top 4 hormone systems to know:

Metabolic/Blood Sugar, Thyroid, Adrenals & Sex Hormones

  1. Blood Sugar & Insulin: these are your metabolic hormones that are regulated by what and how often we eat, our stress, sleep and activity. Irregular blood sugar can pose stress in the body and causes an inflammatory response.
  2. Thyroid: This is our body’s internal thermostat that regulates our metabolic burn, digestion, cognitive focus, mood, energy and more.
  3. Adrenals: These glands produce adrenaline & cortisol, which regulate our stress response. Too much stress, with poor stress management, can pose serious threats to the other systems, such as decreased thyroid function, poor blood sugar management & wonky sex hormones.
  4. Sex hormones: includes estrogen, progesterone & testosterone. Too little or too much of these can be linked back to other root issues, such as chronic stress, inflammation, deficiencies, gut and liver dysfunction.

So when we look at results, it is not just about “eat less and move more”. It is about addressing YOU as a whole person, from the inside out.

When I first start with patients who want to improve their hormones (and results) we look at these 4 areas & specifically start with the adrenals/stress load and current lifestyle.

Common Hormone Imbalances

So here are the most common hormone imbalances that can cause weight gain:

  • Insulin Resistance: The body doesn’t utilize carbs efficiently, due to poor food choices, excess sugar & carbs & inactivity
  • Thyroid Dysfunction: Your body’s “thermostat” gets “turned down”, leading to a slower metabolism
  • Cortisol Imbalance: Stress (in all different forms) causes the body to hold on to fat (and gain it!) for a safety mechanism
  • Estrogen Dominance: Excess estrogen (due things like chemical exposure & poor gut health) leads to fat storage
  • Testosterone Deficiency: A hormone that regulates our fat distribution & muscle mass, and if imbalanced, can lower metabolic burn
  • Leptin Resistance: Similar to the concept with insulin, where our “satiety” hormone is “dialed down” so we have more cravings & never satisfied

If you’re experiencing unexplained weight gain or other symptoms of hormonal imbalance, it’s important to consult with a professional who can help you identify the underlying cause and develop a personalized plan (hint, like me, I can help!)

Steps to Support Your Weight Loss & Health Goals

Don’t give up on your weight loss & health goals – it may just take a little extra support to get you there!

Here are some of the steps we would utilize:

  1. Advanced comprehensive testing, looking at your nutrient levels, your cortisol and hormone levels, and even your GUT health using a stool analysis – because yes, your gut microbiome plays a huge role in your hormone health!
  2. I do a thorough personalized Discovery Day Health Analysis, where we look at your health history, current lifestyle and your symptoms – with emphasis on “Connecting the Dots” to WHY you are experiencing these health issues
  3. We develop a wellness plan, that is focused on all aspects of your health, to get you feeling and looking at your optimal. We would address areas such as nutrition, movement, exercise, nervous system & stress response, stress management, sleep, and more!


If you are interested in getting to the root cause of your weight loss resistance, I’m now enrolling new patients!

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