Top Signs of an Adrenal Imbalance


February, 2023

Are you dealing with an Adrenal Imbalance?

Insomnia, feeling wired but tired, weight gain, anxiety, depression, brain fog, food cravings, fatigue…

These symptoms are so common but SO not normal.

Your adrenals are small organs that produce hormones, specifically cortisol & adrenaline, that our body needs to respond to stress.

Here are 12 of the most common signs of Adrenal Imbalances. Remember common doesn’t mean normal & this not to diagnose or treat rather for education only.


  1. Morning Fatigue: Hard to get going in the morning, more fatigue in the afternoon, then gets a jolt of energy at night.
  2. Increased cravings: specifically high sugar carbohydrates, fatty & salty foods
  3. Blood Sugar Imbalances: Shaky, irritable and “hangry”, may also experience light headedness or nausea when not having consistent meals
  4. Digestive Issues: Increased bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, etc.
  5. Trouble falling or staying asleep
  6. Weight Gain or resistance to weight loss
  7. Lowered Immune Function: You catch colds/flus easily, getting sick more often & have a hard time recovering
  8. Autoimmune + Thyroid Issues: These can be related back to a deeper issue of internal inflammation
  9. Sex Hormonal Imbalances: Increased PMS, painful cycles, fertility issues, low sex drive, short cycles
  10. Mood Swings: Anxiety, depression, inability to adapt to stress, easily irritated, highly emotional, PMS
  11. Decreased Mental Function: Brain fog is constant, jumbling words, feeling forgetful, lack of mental clarity, sensitive to sounds & lights
  12. Dizzy or lightheadedness, especially from a lying or low position to standing.
Image of a woman exercising at home on a yoga mat

Any of this sounds familiar? 

    Many women who I’ve worked with have issues with their hormone system but GOOD NEWS is that through proper testing & addressing root causes, they’re able to balance their hormones naturally!

    Instead of guessing or ignoring, in functional medicine we used specialized testing to find out the ROOT CAUSES of these issues, so then we can create a personalized protocol to getting you back to optimal health!

    The DUTCH test is one of these and it’s a favorite, because it shows us SO much! The DUTCH uses dried urine, not blood, to get a more accurate picture of cortisol, sex hormones, adrenals and more.

    When we have ALL the information, then we can work on specifics to addressing the whole body, reducing internal stress & getting rid of the PMS, the brain fog, headaches, troubles sleeping and more!

    Curious about if you’re dealing with hormone imbalances? Send us an email at to set up a complimentary getting to know you call!