Want Fat Loss? 3 Hormones you Need to Know


April, 2023

Your current weight-loss tactics…are most likely ruining your metabolism and harming your health.

What are you told to do to lose weight? Eat less, exercise more.

As women, we’re focused on cardio and intimidated by strength training (and the fear of getting BIGGER from it). You try Keto, only after a few weeks to be miserable and go binge that next weekend. You’ve even considered medication or pills, because something has GOT to work, right?

Weight loss occurs because of MORE than just a calories in/calories out equation.

I know how frustrating it can be, and have been told by many clients how defeating it is.

Weight loss occurs because of MORE than just a calories in/calories out equation. Yes that matters, but your physiology and hormones are in ultimate control!

Want weight loss?

Then you need to focus on healthy happy hormones.

Which hormones?

Remember the Big 3: Cortisol, Thyroid and Blood Sugar.


So think back to our previous approach: Eat less (stress) + exercise more (stress) = too much stress.

When the body is under chronic stress, the brain increases cortisol, and other hormones decrease, such as thyroid and metabolic function, irregular blood sugar is dysregulated and even wonky sex hormones—and as a direct result, weight-loss is not even a consideration for the body to tackle!

 This combined with chemical exposure and poor detox pathways, digestive issues and gut imbalances, plus the every day stress we place on ourselves to be Superwoman, leaves us with a recipe for feeling like CRAP and not seeing any physical changes.

 This is exactly why so many people fail to achieve their weight-loss goals. Eventually, their metabolism slows down as their body is completely overwhelmed with stress.

 Everything changes when we learn how to work with our body and hormones!

If you’re struggling, I highly recommend you learn HOW to work with your body, metabolism, and hormones.

This is specifically what I help women with in my 90 Days of Discovery Program!

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