Your Stress Load


October, 2022

The big ugly pink elephant in the room, holding you back from losing weight, balancing your hormones and improving your energy: Your Stress Load.


Not so fast there. You don’t have to “feel” it to have your stress bucket overflowing.

Stress comes in many forms; what I see in my practice is:

Blood sugar dysregulation


Poor quality food choices

Imbalanced blood sugars

Too much cardio

Negative thoughts

Chemical exposure: conventional self care, beauty products, water & air quality, etc.

Poor sleep & rest

THIS can lead to feeling like CRAP, weight loss resistance and more!

So let’s start from the beginning…


Chronic (long term) stress wrecks havoc on our hormones. Finances, family, relationships, divorce, work/career, school, new baby, moving, putting too much on your plate, a perfectionist mindset…you get the picture.


We naturally release hormones like cortisol & adrenaline from the adrenals to “get us through” the stress. “Even if you don’t feel stressed” the body still elicits the same physiological hormone response!


Consequences of an elevated stress response leads to decreased digestion, immunity, reproduction, etc. The body says ” I need to get rid of this stress; I can’t be worrying about proper digestion or fertility! Symptoms is a way your body is trying to communicate with you; don’t ignore them!


As the stress & the constant response continues, the Symptoms increase, eventually leading to #hormoneimbalances. If not addressed, it can lead to dysfunction of your metabolism, sex hormones, adrenals, blood sugar & more.

Image of a woman exercising at home on a yoga mat

So if you suspect you have any hormone imbalance, start with your Stress & addressing your overall lifestyle. Learn WHY your body is having these hormone imbalances, to get & stay healthy! ❤

Here are some recommendations to start balancing your hormones.

  1. Reduce, remove and reframe any Stress that you can control in your life 
  2. ⁠Limit alcohol and caffeine 
  3. Practice Breathing Techniques & develop a mind-body, stress relieving practice.
  4. Consume quality whole foods and look to Reverse Nutritional Deficiencies 
  5. Incorporate more REST and quality SLEEP

 I work 1:1 with patients to help them regain their health back, reduce their stress load and start living life like they want to. My comprehensive and functional medicine based approach allows for optimal, long term results!

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